Iren Skudarnova

Makeup Artist in Lisbon 🇵🇹

Makeup • Brows • Hair Styles • Lessons

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Hi! My name is Iren and I am a certified makeup and brows artist. And I'm your friend as well - since I am keenly interested in making your life brighter and easier.

Face and brows are a representation of your emotions, they're a tool you should use and you must know how to use it right. Makeup is a favorite topic for girls, cause it is what changes and inspires us. One of my clients who has never been doing makeup before coming to my lesson, said: "You either do makeup right, or don't do it at all", Interesting thought, isn't it?

I am really grateful to my teachers who showed me all secrets of modelling brows and taught me principles of a perfect makeup. In turn, I'm happy to share my knowledge and skills with you! You can visit me for beauty procedures, as well as for lessons about makeup and brows modelling for yourself (individual and group sessions are both possible).


Evening makeup
Evening makeup
Evening makeup
Evening makeup
Evening makeup
Evening makeup

More of my work


Brows modelling € 10.00
Brows correction € 7.00
Brows painting € 7.00
Eyelashes painting € 7.00
Lasting brows painting with henna € 10.00
Brows modelling for men € 15.00
Express makeup € 25.00
Light daily makeup € 35.00
Evening makeup € 50.00
Wedding makeup € 150.00
Guided makeup shopping € 30.00 / hr
Lesson "Brows for Yourself"

Duration: 1 hour

€ 50.00
Lesson "Everyday Makeup"

Duration: 3 hours

€ 100.00
Lesson "Beauty Products"

Duration: 1 hour

€ 30.00 / hr
Lesson "Smoky Eyes"

Duration: 1 hour

€ 50.00
Lesson "Red Lips and Eyeliner"

Duration: 1 hour

€ 50.00
Lesson "Evening Makeup"

Duration: 1 hour

€ 50.00
Hair Styles
Curls (medium length) € 40.00
Curls (long hair) € 60.00
Evening hair style € 60.00
Wedding hair style € 100.00


You can schedule a visit at these addresses:

  • 📍 Hair&Co, Calçada do Carmo 25, 1200-090 Lisbon
  • 📍 Mr&Ms, Rua do Telhal Santo António, 31, 1150-345 Lisbon
  • 📍 Tony & Guy, Loja No. 4, R. Regimento 19 de Infantaria, 2750-282 Cascais